Robi’s story

Born in Hungary, 1978, Robi became a mechanical engineer… but…

… Soon he felt he would spend his time with something really different.

Robi always drew since he was two, and he never stopped drawing. He was at the age of 30 when he realized that drawing really is his future. He started a great change in his life. He draws and teaches, teaches and draws. Now he is a mentor for hundreds of talented children who are searching for themselves and who are searching for their shining future. Since 2012, Robi has been holding coaching sessions – he uses an own method: drawings, visual tools help finding the good solutions.

Robi teaches children via extraordinary and inspiring lessons in schools within the whole area of his country. These are not drawing lessons: these are preparations for a life that is possible for everyone who really wishes to be happy.

Hoping to give you a big bunch of inspiration and love: